I have struggled with insomnia for as long as I can remember. Not sleeping at night made me irritable and tired during the day, which only exacerbated the issue. A friend suggested that I try weighted blankets, so I went online and bought one in hopes of finally getting a good night's sleep.

The first few days were tough because my brain was still used to not going to bed until 3 AM, but after a week or two of getting up an hour earlier than usual (which is actually really hard when you're used to staying up all hours of the night) it became much easier for me to fall asleep at 10 PM each night. It has been over a week since I started using this blanket every night, and it seems to be working great! So after I tried a weighted blanket for 7 days here's a few reasons why I think you should consider purchasing one for yourself.

1. Weighted blankets can help with anxiety and PTSD.  

The pressure that this blanket puts on your body is very comforting when you're upset or anxious, and can actually cause drowsiness due to the release of serotonin into your brain. If you suffer from stress-related insomnia or are having trouble sleeping because of a traumatic event (like a car accident), then this may be just what the doctor ordered. Just be sure not to throw it in the washer with other clothes since some of those fabrics can cause pilling over time and will detract from the original heft of the blanket . It's probably good practice to not get it wet at all since they're usually only made of acrylic or polyester fibers.

2. Weighted blankets can help you sleep better even if you don't have any anxiety issues.

If your brain gets used to the feeling of being sheltered and safe, then it will be easier for you to fall asleep faster without tossing and turning so much throughout the night. The weight also causes deep pressure touch stimulation (or DPTS) which is a type of therapy that has been shown to decrease blood pressure levels in adults with severe insomnia by 50%. While I can't say whether this blanket alone will lower my blood pressure, I do feel like I'm sleeping deeper than ever before, especially because I wake up very well rested after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, again, I think a weighted blanket will work wonders for you.

3. Weighted blankets are really relaxing and comforting to snuggle with during the day.

I'm embarrassed to admit that sometimes I like to crawl into my bed and just lay there under the covers while holding onto this blanket for comfort when my anxiety is acting up (I do this because I live at home with my parents and feel too weird about cuddling a regular one). It's basically the equivalent of getting your own little emergency hug from someone who loves you! That being said, it does take me longer than usual to get out of bed in the mornings if I haven't slept well the night before, so if that happens to you then I suggest making sure you have a set time in the morning when you plan on getting up.

4. Weighted blankets are small and easy to transport.  

If we move out of state in the next year or two (since my parents will probably send us for some reason) this is great because it can easily be thrown into a box and taken along with us without much effort. It's super lightweight too, which means that it won't weigh down our luggage too much when we fly somewhere! I'm definitely going to miss using this once I have to sleep on my own bed again someday, but at least I'll know it's not just me suffering from sleepless nights anymore.

5. You can get a weighted blanket online for much cheaper than at a store!

If you're like me and like to comparison shop. When shopping online always check the reviews first to see what people thought of their order in terms of weight distribution and thickness because some companies may cheap out and not fill their blankets with as many pellets as others! A lot of customers were complaining about this problem when buying from various sources, just FYI.


After my first 7 days of using a weighted blanket I felt so much calmer and less anxious during the day time. I didn't think it was possible for me to fall asleep any faster than I already did, but that just goes to show you how little I knew in terms of all the benefits weighted blankets have. My boyfriend even said he noticed a difference in my mood after using mine because he used to hear me tossing and turning at night -now he says I'm snoring quietly! Again though, this may not work for everyone since some people have more anxiety than others and some need outside help from therapists or psychiatrists.

If you're interested in trying one out then go ahead since they're relatively inexpensive compared to other solutions such as medication or therapy sessions, but if it doesn't work then don't give up! There are other options you can try. I also wanna add that I don't regret spending more money on a better quality blanket because the one from my store was so thin and small that it would lose its weight during the day, so this is definitely something to consider when shopping around.

On Amazon I read some complaints about how their weighted blankets didn't fit well on regular sized beds, but if you flip over your covers like I do then you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Also, just in case anyone is wondering, my blanket has had no issues with snagging or pilling after a month of constant use (even when washing it). I absolutely love my blanket! Try one out today.